Metal Casting:

At Atlantic Precious Metal Casting we consider casting a form of art.

Everyday casting includes 10, 14, 18, 20, 22 karat gold in yellow, white, pink, and green alloy. With the new casting technologies we can cast in palladium 14, 18 karat gold and 950 palladium alloy.

Our goal is to deliver your order as soon as possible; which most of the time is the very next day. If a piece does not pass our strict quality control, we identify the problem, we inform you of this and then recast the piece for the next day.

Special attention is dedicated to PLATINUM casting.

After all, we are known as "...the platinum people ".

Our platinum casting process guarantees excellent results of any kind of design.

We believe in innovation and research, constantly working with our suppliers to find better solutions and new technologies to deliver you the best products.

Mold Making:

With the new uses of rubber and silicone, and the modern vulcanizing or cold process procedures, our mold makers can create a mold from any kind of jewelry, metal or wax model no matter what its size or complexity. In order to give you optimum results during the piece reproduction, every model is inspected before the mold packing to better understand what exact combination of rubber or silicone is necessary.

Before sending any model (either in wax, metal or in any other heat resistant material), make sure that it is free of lines, holes, porosity or any kind of imperfection that might be reproduced in the mold.

We offer different types of low shrink or non-shrink molds.

Ask our customer support to find what solution is best for you.

Wax shooting:

Our wax department can work with any kind of mold. The waxes can be altered to change the size of a ring or to plug settings that are not needed.

Before the preparation of the trees, every wax is carefully inspected to verify the shape of the piece, is cleaned and is eventually retouched to eliminate any imperfections.

Any problems with a mold are immediately reported to the customer to avoid unwanted delays in the production.

Oversize Casting:

If you need to cast unique pieces, small sculptures or reproduce objects, we are equipped to produce oversized molds for pieces usually cast in bronze or brass. Do not hesitate to discuss your casting needs with us.